Private Art Lessons

An intensive learning approach with specialized one-on-one instruction. Private lessons are structured to the student’s interests, private goals and individual needs- and are geared to unlock creative potential and develop student’s portfolios.

Children’s Drawing (Ages 6+)

Provides an excellent foundation in the essentials of art. Basic strokes, color theory, and shapes will be studied and applied. Utilizing a variety of mediums, various projects will be created featuring diverse subjects from animals and landscapes to figures and cartoons.

Art & Design (Ages 7+)

In-depth study and continuation of essential art concepts, including shape, structure, form, color, dimension, proportion, perspective, contrast, depth, balance, texture, emphasis, movement, rhythm, and unity. Art mediums to be explored may include line drawing, sketching, watercolor, oil pastel, handcrafts, acrylic, calligraphy, and Chinese brush painting.

Advanced Art & Design/Drawing (Ages 12+)

Advanced Art & Design will encompass art mediums explored in Art & Design but will be examined at a more challenging and complex level. Additional art categories to be studied include oil paintings, mixed media, traditional Chinese painting, and Modern Chinese painting.

Calligraphy & Chinese Painting

Learn the fundamentals of Chinese calligraphy using the traditional ink and brush. A practical approach for the beginner or intermediate student. Both traditional and modern Chinese painting will be explored.