Diana Ho, born in Shanghai, had an extreme passion for art ever since childhood. Under influence from and guidance of renowned Chinese artists, she began the path of her art profession and started her art career working for an advertisement/design company at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Since Diana moved to the U.S., her artwork was continually selected to art exhibitions and were awarded numerous honors in Seattle, Boston, Austin and Phoenix. Diana graduated from Nankai University as a graduate student in advanced traditional Chinese painting studies. Her paintings and ceramic pieces have been admired and collected by numerous art lovers and collectors across the country. From oil painting to traditional Chinese painting; photography to fashion design; calligraphy to poetry; frescos to ceramics… Diana strives to express a mix of Eastern and Western art in all the pieces she creates.

Diana uses her passion for art to serve the community, and actively volunteers with various local non-profit organizations to promote the cultural arts through coordinating art & diversity outreach programs. She has taught various art classes at local Phoenix area schools from K-12 and has organized many art exhibitions throughout the years.